A presenter, business entrepreneur and a quick learner.

Iam a person who has started business from very initial stage of my life. Business is always a motivational source for me rather than job. Similarly business basics play a very vital role in my life, thanks to goselfmadeindia for helping me in understanding the business concepts.

I hailed from the district Gautam Buddha Nagar, Uttar Pradesh.

I didn’t rise in the upper middle class family but my parents grown me the best. 

Success Journey


when i understood the bsiness model, i started delivering lunch box to working people including breakfast and lunch facilities. It was also a new experience for me as i didn't try it before. As i was not aware of the basics of that business and worked as a fresher, i face lot many challenge, but after some experience was very actively a business person with profitability.

But same time never continues, i faced losses due to covid and my business collapse. I also understood that i have to give my full time and never get good time with my family in this active business. 



It is never too early or late to become successful in your life. While generation struggle to move up the corporate ladder because baby boomers aren't retiring  as early as they planned ,those who fall under generation why have been making their own income in innovative ways. Does age have anything to do with the success of a small business? Judging from young entrepreneurs out there, you might think not. No matter what generation you're in, take note from these qualities of young entrepreneurs, since they just might help you in boosting your own success.

1.   Young entrepreneurs love Rejections.

2.   They're not afraid of hard work.

3.   They're open to Risk.

4.   They're Collaborative.

5.   Good Learner.

Starting, buying or growing your small business shouldn't be hard. Financial growth works to make financing easy for current and aspiring small business owners by providing custom funding solutions, financing education and more.

I played different role in my life from teenage to young business entrepreneur. I worked hard for my success & I am still learning more and more for huge tomorrow and you also can join the marathon of being good in every term (health, wealth, fame) in your life.

Rohit Kumar



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