A young business entrepreneur, a motivational coach and a quick business duplicator & multiplication strategy maker.

When I was young, I never ever dreamt of becoming a Peak-Performance Coach & Inspiration for many. 

I was not aware that I would be going around the world and help people. I tried things to become self dependent but shattered to the rubble. 

My studies was running on loan, my family was in depth, One fine day, my friend walked up to me and asked something that was the toughest question of my life, “Where will you be 5 years from now?” 

I said to myself, “Forget 5 years, I don’t know where I will be 5 weeks from now``. 

However, that question started raising its head every now and then. I started thinking, “What am I going to do with my life?” 

And that was what became a life-changing episode for me.

 I hailed from the Capital of India, Shiv Vihar, Karala, New Delhi.

I rise in the very low middle class Family, my parents give me their best support as much as they can. I did schooling from Indraprastha, Begampur Rohini & learn a lot from there.

Graduation from Open Delhi University & completed in 2013

Due to the financial crunches, I am not able to continue my further studies.

Started Job in 2010 after 12th Class in McDonalds Pitampura as a Crew Member. In 2011, I Joined Pizza Hut as a Front officer in Rohini due to financial crunches in family.

In 2014 I joined Beverly Hills Polo Club as a Sales Executive in Noida, Mall of India.

Success Journey

Let me tell you, your life will be exactly the same it has been in the last 5 years unless you take any profound action.

If you are not ready to take any action, then life will be like a journey through the peaks and troughs, like it has been so far. This is when people usually resolve to complain that life has been unfair to me, I work so hard; still, I neither have money nor time for myself and family, I am not born to be a millionaire and so on.


I worked very hard for a few years!

Now, let me tell you what I did to drive a reforming change in my life. I decided to venture into a business along with my studies. I worked hard and after a few years, I became financially free. Life changed?

I transformed the way I used to take life. I started helping many other people who were like me Cleared by all debts & started earning decent amount of money

I got a clear goal and direction of my life.


Poonam Parashar



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